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Are the insoles also suited for children?

here is no age limit for the use of our insoles. We have designed the insoles for full-grown people of adult age and should not be used in shoes that are smaller than the size guide on the insoles indicate, this is so cushioning occurs in the right parts of the foot.

Are the scholl gelactiv™ work insoles breathable?

Our GelActiv Work insoles were designed with holes in the forefoot that could help provide some ventilation, however this depends on the type of shoe you are using with insoles.

Can i break something by cutting the insoles?

When you are cutting your insoles, use sharp scissors to ensure that there is no frazzling of the edge. The insoles will not be damaged when cutting is done carefully. Cut along the outline on the outside of the line first to prevent the insole being too small (as some shoes will vary slightly from their stated size). The insole can then be further trimmed to fit.

Can i cut the insoles smaller, for example for shoe size 7?

Please refer to question 10

Can i use it in the shower?

The Pedi Perfect Nail File design is not waterproof. The reason is quite simple: Filing, buffing and polishing nails require dry nails. Wet nails are too soft.

Can i use lotions and creams with my scholl light legs tights?

Yes. The Scholl Light Legs tights come with clear instructions on how to put them on, and this is not impacted by the use of lotions and cream on the legs.

Can i use my diamond roller heads on the wet & dry foot file?

The Diamond Roller Heads fit on the device but since they’re not designed for usage on wet skin, we recommend using the Wet & Dry roller heads for best results.

Can i use the nail file product on my toenails, too?

Yes, of course you can. For hygienic reasons some people prefer a separate set of heads for toenails.

Can i wash the insoles?

Our insoles are not machine-washable. When you would like to clean your insole, wipe the insoles with a warm soapy cloth (do not soak). Ensure you dry them out fully before placing them back into the shoes.

How can i dry the insoles if they are moist?

If your Scholl insoles are humid, we would recommend you remove them from the shoe and air them in a dry room. If the insoles are damaged by moisture, we recommend not using them further and look to purchase a replacement pair.

How can one insole fit for different shoe sizes?

Your can cut your Scholl Insoles to size (GelActiv only). To do this, cut along the outlines to match the insoles to the different shoe sizes. You can find detailed instructions on how to cut the insoles on the inside of the packaging.